Whether you are in business or you are setting up a website for your personal gain, you should always bear in mind that your website is the first interaction your potential customers have with you or your business. The website design that you choose will determine whether people will stay at your site or leave immediately. Some of the website design tips that work include the following.

Introduce Social Media Share/Follow Button

If you want to improve interaction and get traction for your website, you should consider introducing social media share/follow buttons. The number of people who use social media has been increasing over the years, so if you want to capitalise on the growing numbers, you should have a design that allows for social media buttons.

Be Creative

In most webdesign tips, there is always a temptation to copy what the competitors are doing. As much as it is good to compare and contrast what other websites look like, you should trust your own creativity and come up with a design that is unique and sets you apart from other people.

Focus on Scrolling Instead of Clicking

Do not spend a lot of time thinking about what people will find when they cascade through your site. Instead, you should focus on how easily your design allows visitors to scroll through the website. The more people scroll, the better they interact with your content, and this, in turn, increases your web traffic.

Simplicity Matters

Resist the temptation to cram as many things as possible into your website. You will end up with a cluttered website that is irritating to the eye. Make things simple so that the website is easy to navigate. If you are using images, you should compress them so that they do not take a lot of time to load.