Any web designer that thinks they know it all will find it most difficult to progress in the web design industry. It is a highly competitive business and one where learning is ongoing. There are a lot of web design tricks that can be learnt and used, that can make a difference between a web designer just making it in, or excelling in, this line of work.

Using the Resources

Many web designers that have been in the business for a long time have developed some tricks of the trade. Fortunately, many of them are willing to share these web design tips, which can be of great value to those working in this industry. It is up to the professional web designer to seek out these resources and put them to good use.

Tip #1

One web design trick some successful web designers will use is knowing what is currently appealing to the visitors of a website. As of now, the trend is videos. To capitalise on this, some savvy designers are now creating video landing pages. They do this by planning for the integration of a related video, into the content of the home page.

Tip #2

Pay attention to the smaller items that are going to make the website better than the competitors. A good example of this is how the user can scroll down the page. Some web designers are now implementing parallax scrolling to keep the attention of the users. This type of scrolling is where the graphics in the background move differently from the ones in the forefront. It creates an illusion of depth, which helps to hold the attention of the viewer.

Tip #3

Using animation effectively is another great tip, but one where a lot of web designers have gone overboard. Animation can be reserved to the call to action, which most often takes place further down a web page. This has to be cleverly done in such a way, that the animation does not override the call to action. The purpose of it is to draw attention to what the website wants the user to do.

These three tips are simple ones, that can be a powerful resource for the new web designer.