As a new web designer, you may ask yourself why you need to be concerned about the past and future trends of web design when you are working in the present. The answer to this question is as follows.

Why Be Concerned About Past Web Design?

No matter which industry a person is working in, they can learn valuable lessons from the past. They can determine what mistakes were made, and avoid these in their present tasks. Also, it must be kept in mind, that often history repeats itself. This can apply to web design. There are still functions taking place in web design today that have been around for several years, just because they still work, and as yet, nothing better has been found to replace them.

An example of this is many designs still use the visual design of thirds or the golden ratio. This includes web design for ebooks, that still use the same book margins that have been used for years. The rule of thirds is taking an image for example, and dividing it into thirds, both vertically as well as horizontally, to determine the focal points. This method has been used for decades. For this reason, the new web designer has to be aware of the past when it comes to web design.

Being Concerned About the Present

This concern is an easy one for the new web designer. They have to know what is working in web design for the present day, and what is new. Knowing this helps them to meet the expectations of their clients. This can vary from country to country. The web designer has to understand what challenges are present for the region they are working in. If they know this, then they can apply their creativity to try and deal with them. If they can come up with innovative and affordable solutions, then it puts them ahead of their competitors.

Thinking About the Future

Any web designer that is not prepared to be open-minded, and adapt to changes that may take place in web design, will inevitably get left behind in this industry. There is new technology always becoming available, that helps to set the trends in web design. The web designer not only has to be aware of these but has to consider being actively involved in establishing new patterns. See en example on this page Euro 2020 venues.

Being able to combine some knowledge about the past, present and future of web design, allow the new web designer to focus on what they want to offer their clients.