Web design plays a vital role in determining how many people will be visiting a website. That is why many people who are thinking of creating their websites always reach out for the services of a web designer. With each passing day, it seems as though new trends are being introduced in the world of web designing, and a professional designer must know about them. Some of the popular trends are as follows.


There was a time when a good website was determined by the number of features and colours it had. Not anymore. The new trend is to have more white space and reduce the amount of clutter in the design. If you have a look at some of the most popular websites, you will notice that they are very minimalist in their design.

More Videos

The trend is slowly moving from heavy use of text to using explanatory videos since more people who are going online want their information presented visually. Such videos are typically short, and they accompany some text to introduce a multimedia aspect to the website. Research indicates that websites that incorporate videos in their designs tend to perform better than the ones that depend only on texts.

Unique Cursors

Web page designers are now getting more creative with their ideas by adding new characteristics to some of the most basic things. One of the latest trends is to add some new features to the cursor, such as using animations and shapes to make it different.

Use of Digital Illustrations

The best web designers are those who take time to research web design trends that they can implement in their work. Doing digital illustration is another trend that is slowly replacing the use of photos only. Most designers now sub-contract illustrators to help them come up with innovative concepts for websites.